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Custom Prints. Have it your own way!


You can now order T-shirts/Polo/Hoodies of any custom design of your choice (minimum 10 pieces per design & color). Great for events and parties. Delivery at your doorstep within 2 weeks. If you are interested to order the product with your own custom design, then simply drop us an email at info@sarakchaap.com

Alternatively you can follow the steps below to directly order:

  1. 1 Select your design or a picture and send us at our email info@sarakchaap.com in any common format (jpg, gif , tiff or any editable by photoshop, higher resolution is preferred.
  2. 2 Mention the quantity of the product as well as colour (mix colours possible)
  3. 3 Let us know your name, phone number and address.
  4. 4 Wait for a prompt reply from our team. After which you will be contacted by phone to discuss further.
  5. 5 Wait for your delivery of T-shirts, Hoodies and Polos. (expect it to be delivered within 2 weeks)

Custom Printed/Embrioded T-shirt
with colours of your choice. Rs. 600/T-shirt

Custom Printed/Embrioded Polo
with colours of your choice. Rs. 700/Polo

Custom Printed/Embrioded Hoodies
with colours of your choice. Rs. 800/Hoodie

To all of you, from all of us at Sarakchaap.com - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Sarakchaap.com Team